Thursday, June 10, 2010

Astoria, OR

Our main destination for Memorial weekend was Astoria, home such things as the Goonies, and a strong surf and fishing heritage. We were able to experience some of this heritage as we had the opportunity to stay at the Alderbrook Station, and salmon old fisherman's destination and part of Astoria's history (built in 1903). The place is awesome, all of it. Our new friend Darren Doss is the owner/renovator of the property and has done an excellent job! The net shed remains as it has since he acquired the property, and served as our workshop as we aided him in some renovation work to the boathouse. Few things could beat watching the sun set over the Columbia river while lounging in a wood-fueled hot tub. The town itself is very neat, with remnants of the city's fishing history scattered throughout the town and the coastline. We visited part of it's surfing heritage, but will not say exactly where to keep the surfer's secret. Photographic opportunities abound, and I'd love to go back!
Photo 1 - 1/80s f/13 ISO 160 Nikon 18-50 @ 40mm, polarizer
Photo 2 - 30s f/14 ISO 100 Sigma 10-20 @ 19mm, polarizer + ND.9
Photo 3 - 30s f/14 ISO 100 Sigma 10-20 @ 19mm, polarizer + ND.9
Photo 4 - 1/100s f/5 ISO 250 Sigma 10-20 @ 14mm

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cannon Beach, OR

Memorial Day weekend was spent traveling out to the northwest coast of Oregon. Our first stop of the trip was to Cannon Beach, which is located roughly 30 miles south of Astoria off of HWY 101. I'd seen photos of this beach before, and had an idea of what I wanted to shoot, but as it turned out, the weather didn't want to cooperate one way or the other, and the time of our arrival probably wasn't the most appropriate for certain shots. The wind was low, the sun was in and out of clouds, and the haystack rock was much larger in person than I don't do it justice at all. I definitely want to come back and shoot this beach either at sunrise or sunset to see what happens.
Photo 1 - 1/100 f/14 ISO 125 Sigma 10-20 @ 10mm, polarizer
Photo 2 - 1/2 f/14 ISO 125 Sigma 10-20 @ 13mm, polarizer and ND.9
Photo 3 - 1/100 f/10 ISO 125 Sigma 10-20 @ 10mm, polarizer