Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mammoth Hot Springs

One of a few posts to come, this series is part of a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park towards the end of September. This series, shot at the Mammoth Hot Springs, was the first stop on our 1.5 day venture throughout the park. The stench of sulphur was almost immediate, as were the beautiful colors and intricate formations created from the geothermal activity. Unfortunately, these are not the hot springs to wade about in, as you would probably receive severe skin burns....too bad.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

San Juan Island

I went to San Juan Island at the end of August for a weekend visit with my parents. The ferry ride out was nice, as the ferry ride always is, and we arrived to a sunny island and instantly began touring. We headed out to the American Camp beach for a short while, then out to one of the lighthouses to see if any Orcas were passing by.....they weren't, or at least we didn't see them. We continued touring through Roche Harbor and then to see if Mona the camel was hanging about. We didn't see her at first so we headed to our hotel. The next morning we headed back towards Mona, where she lingered in the corner of her 'house', but her Alpaca friend did come up to the fence to say hello. We then departed on our whale watching tour, where we saw plenty of sea-fairing creatures, including Orcas, sea lions, seals, and porpoises. Pretty awesome! We returned on the ferry during the sunset and watched the colors change on Mt. Baker as we pulled in to Anacortes. Awesome trip!
Photo 1 - f/11 1/500 ISO 100 @ 155mm
Photo 2 - f/10 1/400 ISO 100 @ 300mm
Photo 3 - f/11 1/400 ISO 100 @ 70mm
Photo 4 - f/11 1/320 ISO 100 @ 15mm

Ballard Shipyards

I took my first, and long overdue, trip to the fisherman's market in Ballard for some dinner and to explore a bit. It was the evening, close to the sunset so the light was great. I want to go back soon in the very early morning to see the fisherman bringing in their catch!
Photo 1 - f/5 1/400 ISO 100 @ 14mm
Photo 2 - f/5 1/400 ISO 100 @ 10mm
Photo 3 - f/14 13 seconds ISO 100 @ 22mm - ND.9 filter
Photo 4 - f/14 20 seconds ISO 100 @ 18mm - ND.9 filter