Thursday, March 10, 2011

a crocodile

Some conceptual practice along with image layering practice. I made the attempt to create a story of this crocodile going to get 'human shoes' to discuss ideas of natural waste/environmental destruction and the lengths some people will go to try to 'stand out', but didn't really know where to take it and how to add images to the series. It has stopped here for the time being until I can figure anything else out, which may or may not happen...

Moving Earth

An exploration into the act of creation through construction, looking at how architects, engineers, contractors, and construction groups begin to affect the natural and built environments. These particular projects first involved the removal of earth, for a number of reasons, and thus created a 'positive' form from the 'negative' act of removal. Perhaps this work will become a renowned piece of architectural ingenuity, perhaps it will become a dilapidated slum...only time will tell.